EAT ISLA EAT – Avocado, Egg and Chilli Jam on Toast


I can do better poached eggs than this but as I made this for lunch and not for a magazine (dreams) this will do.  This is not a recipe, more a curation of food, that sounds fancy, doesn’t it?

Anyway, I think I saw a version of this in Olive magazine.  I was at my parents as my dad was gifted a subscription and I think I dribbled when I saw this idea.  A few days later it’s still on my mind so I tried it and oh my, it’s delicious, so I thought I’d share it here.

Here goes…

Serves 1

  • Half an avocado mashed with salt
  • A big slick of chilli jam
  • An egg
  • Bread (I used Genius Seeded Gluten Free but go with what you have)
  • Butter


Toast your bread, poach your egg.

Spread one toast with butter, one with chilli jam.

Slather on the mashed avocado to the chilli jam slice, top with poached egg.  Season.

Voila, lunch.

I didn’t really have to explain that did I?  Soz boz.






Beginning Again

So I started blogging back when my 1st baby was small and I wrote and wrote, mostly about food, but then work got in the way and I didn’t stop it.  But now I feel like I need to write again.  So I’m going to have a go.  We’ll start low key and see what happens. If you have stumbled upon this then do say hi, it’s always lovely to see that someone’s reading.

If you are interested in seeing what was, you can find it here.  But now let’s look forward…